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19breeders Available Puppies for Sale (Video Posted 4/18/14)
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Pitweiler puppies for sale in Georgia, Pitweiler local dog breeders in Georgia

The Pitweiler Dog Breed Introduction

Pitweiler puppies for sale, Pitweiler local dog breeders

Breed Characteristics

Activity Level


Noise Level


Other Pet Compatibility


Grooming Necessity


People Friendliness


Shedding Level





Hybrid Origin:  The Pitweiler is a hybrid between the American Pit Bull Terrier and the Rottweiler.

Country of Origin:  The Pitweiler originated in the United States of America.

Original Purpose:  The Pitweiler is a great family companion.

Breed Characteristics:  The Pitweiler should have an excellent temperament if properly socialized from a young age.

Pitweilers are very intelligent, brave, loyal, strong and an emotional dogs.

Pitweilers make a great family dog provided they are properly socialized as a puppy.

Pitweilers are typically great with kids, but like any dog Pitweilers should never be left unsupervised with infants or small children.

The Pitweiler is a very loving, loyal, intelligant,  companion dog who is very sensitive to their owners emotions.

The Pitweiler is a high energy dog who needs plenty of daily exercise.

Pitweilers tend to be very strong and agile dog and they make a great service dog.

Life Expectancy:  Average life expectance for the Pitweiler is 10 - 13 years.


 source site: The International Designer Canine Registry


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