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American Eskimo Dog puppies for sale in New Hampshire, American Eskimo local dog breeders in New Hampshire


Wonderfully white and furry, dogs of the American Eskimo Dog breed are compact but strong. American Eskimos are small to medium-size Nordic-type dogs. But their tightly packed strength belies great agility and alertness. American Eskimo Dogs tend to be loving and faithful. They're usually wonderful as pets.

Here are the characteristics of the American Eskimo breed as determined by the American Kennel Club's published breed standard.

American Eskimo Dog’s Behavior

American Eskimo Dog puppies for sale, American Eskimo local dog breeders

Recommended for: family pets, watchdog

The American Eskimo Dog breed may not be the first breed you think of when you think of guard dogs. But that doesn't stop American Eskimo dogs from trying. Always alert, American Eskimos tend to bark whenever a stranger approaches. But fear not: the breed is not known for actually attacking or threatening people. Dogs of this breed tend to learn new tasks quickly. Eminently pet-able, they also tend to be friendly with families.

Remember that breed only provides a general clue as to any individual dog's actual behavior. Make sure to get to know dogs well before bringing them into your home.

American Eskimo Dog's Physical Characteristics

American Eskimo Dog puppies for sale, american Eskimo local dog breeders

  • Size: Three Types: Toy, 9-12 inches; Miniature, 12-15 inches; and Standard, 15-19 inches
  • Coat: dense undercoat with a longer coat of guard hair growing through the undercoat to become the outer coat. The coat is thicker and longer around the neck. The fur is straight, not curly or wavy.
  • Color: pure white or white with "biscuit cream" (in the words of the American Kennel Club breed standard)
  • Eyes: rounded in a slightly oval-shape, with rims that are black to dark brown
  • Ears: triangular, erect
  • Skull: wedge-shaped with the widest side of the wedge between the ears.
  • Muzzle: broad but not longer than the skull.
  • Nose: black to dark brown.
  • Tail: rather high-set and feathery. The tail is usually swooped upward onto the dog's back.

American Eskimo Dog’s Origins and History

American Eskimo Dog puppies for sale, American Eskimo local dog breeders

This is the bare-bones history of the American Eskimo breed according to Wikipedia.

Country/Region of Origin: United States

Original purpose: circus performer.

Historical notes: formerly called a German Spitz or an "American Eskimo Spitz." In addition, the breed is often called by the nickname, "Eskie".


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