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19breeders Available Puppies for Sale (Video Posted 4/18/14)
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19Breeders Reviews

19Breeders Location Activity Puppy For Sale (Posted 4/1/14)
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At 19Breeders we strive to provide healthy, well bred puppies for our customers. We have  a great selection of beautiful puppies for sale at very affordable prices many of them are hypoallergenic breeds. We sell Purebred and Designer breeds, you can find beautiful purebred and designer puppies for sale like Malti poos, Chiweenies, Goldendoodles, CavaChons and many more, we bring in all the popular breeds that our custimers ask for. We do this by selecting good breeders that are within driving distance. What makes us different from your typical pet store is that we invite small breeders throughout Georgia to contact us, once the breeder contacts us, we visit the breeders ourselves we don’t have brokers or breeders that deliver puppies to us, we visit and pick up all puppies directly from the breeders, this way we can see  the conditions that the puppies were raised in and we can see the parents also. Most other pet stores will buy mostly from Brokers that have thousands of puppies from puppy mills.

We are located in the Atlanta area; we have the cleanest environment for the puppies our store is kept clean and odor free at all times.  We do not sell under age, lethargic or sick puppies.

We have 4-6 playpens in the store so that customers that are considering purchasing a puppy can play and interact with various breeds that they are interested in.  However we do try to filter out people like Nannys, Teens, kids or anyone that just comes in wanting to play with any of the puppies     as if this was a petting zoo, we do limit them to one or two puppies, and if we are very busy we will reserve the playpens for our customers, in those cases we may say no.

We don’t mean to be rude or offend anyone but we do have to limit the amount of time the puppies  are  handled,  as they also need to rest, otherwise between the people that come in just  to play and the customers that may be interested in purchasing the puppies would never get the proper rest, sleep  or eat.

All puppies at 19breeders are given the best care, once puppies arrive at our location our veterinarian will give a complete physical examination, they are examined for genetic defects, such as heart murmurs, luxating patellas, open fontanels, and  demodectic mange.  After the exam, puppies receive required vaccines and dewormings. Our Veterinarian comes to our location to check our puppies once or twice every week to ensure that our puppies stay healthy.
We normally hold our puppies at our location for approx 7-10 days before we sell them.  Most of our puppies are sold between the age of  9wks  to 14 weeks.  We do not sell puppies that are 6 weeks old.

We feed only high quality premium dry food to our puppies that promotes proper growth and health. When you buy a puppy from us you get two free office exams, a certificate for a free microchip, 50% off the cost of spaying or neutering if you use one of our veterinarians, and a 30 day trial Insurance certificate.
Our hours vary, we typically are open only 4-6 days a week because we do not get shipments from puppy brokers, we rely on small breeders only and we cannot get enough puppies to stay open all week. Other pet stores stay open 7 days a week because when they need more puppies all they have to do is call a puppy broker and order as many puppies as they want. We have been contacted by those puppy brokers but we always refuse to do business with them. If we ever came to a situation where we could not find litters from small breeders then 19Breeders will cease to exist because we are totally against buying from puppy brokers. We also know that our customers feel the same way.

We are in this business because we love everything about it! Being around puppies all day caring for and playing with puppies, making people and families happy is the best job in the world!

We do all the hard work for you by going from breeder to breeder looking for the best puppies possible.

If you don't find your favorite puppy for sale here, please check back weekly, as we update our website often and post pictures and videos of all our new puppies for sale, and now you can sign up to receive an automatic email notification when ever we update our  website, sign up is easy just click on the notify me button in the upper right corner and sign up.

We hope to create a positive trusting relationship with the families who purchase Puppies from us, where you can trust that we at 19Breeders will always  do our best!


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